"Love your bass!"
Brady Muckelroy  
San Marcos, TX USA

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4s, 5s & my specialty... 6 and 7 strings! 
As an active extended range player, I know how they need to feel and sound to be good tools of creation - not just 4 strings with more strings. Call me, I'll build it. 

What goes into a hand made instrument?
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"It's very rare in the world of luthiery to be able to buy a tool created by a player of Brady's caliber; the plusses in terms of tone and playability are plusses to a player of any level..."  
~ Scott Beckwith, Birdsong Guitars / SD Curlee USA

Personal Guarantee
I hold each build - and myself - to the highest standards. I will put every bit of heart and soul I have into your instrument and see to it that you are completely satisfied. I won't sleep until you...

 "Love your bass!"

Models & specs

This is an overview of what I offer... as a custom builder, model features can be combined
and your input is welcomed on any variation we can create to fill your needs in a bass.
For regular updates on builds and inventory, please follow my Facebook posts.

Basic pricing starts at $1950 for a 4-string
5 strings $2300
6 strings $2650
7 strings $3100
(8 and beyond, inquire)

Most of my builds are neck-through construction, though set and bolt-ons happen too.
All are equal to anything coming out of custom boutique workshops on either coast. 
I'm happy to talk with you anytime, answer any questions, help you dream up 
a bass, and provide you with a personal build price quote. 
(512) 618-1781

The Charger32

If you've ever wanted the easy playing feel of a shorter scale 4 string, but wanted premium active electronics and luthier handmade quality, here is the latest from Muckelroy Basses.

What makes a Charger32?
32" Medium scale 4-string
22 frets leaves room for slapping
Optimized pickup positioning
Modified Ensemble shape


The Muckelroy 18v preamp -
the most natural sounding active pre you'll hear.
Powerful but centered at very musical frequencies, so they're all useable... plus a passive tone control and they all work simultaneously.

A HUGE sounding little bass
that almost plays itself.

Updated pictures coming... 


The Renegade leans more towards tradition. An all-around workhorse with special attention to balance and playability.


34" scale bolt-on lined fretless 5-string of aged Guatemalan Mahogany. Maple neck, Ziricote board w/Maple lines, Reed James Custom pickup, passive volume & Muckelroy "DualTone"

Many configurations & combinations available. Simplicity and pure wood tone were the goal with this particular build.


The Bernal has an elegant look and muscular tone from a variety of pickup options. It was named after a friend who inspired me to get into all of this... but he waited for his behind this one, which went to Mike Huckabee!

Lots of different configurations & options available... get in touch.


Designed to stand out with the solo voice of the bass as well as fitting into the mix with a band - visually and sonically. Pickup placement & selection is crucial for this and is an area of particular exploration for me.


The Ensemble is a blend of traditional influences and modern ergonomics, available in a couple of sizes to suit the "average" to taller player comfortably.

Ensemble Elite 6-string, 33" scale neck through with 26 fret Koa board. Neck is Maple & flamed Maple 3-piece, body is Mahogany, Alder, and figured Myrtle with Padouk accent pinstripe laminates.

Delano JSBC pickups & Delano Sonar 3 preamp with the Muckelroy "DualTone"

Many options & configurations available ~ call or email, let's design your dream bass.

Ens4PJavail.jpg (84360 bytes)
Mild to wild...

client1.jpg (90346 bytes)
...and singlecuts too!

The Muckelroy preamp!

"Set flat it's all wood and pickup, very transparent with no coloring. 3db signal boost so it hits your amp clearer and stronger. Active bass, mid & treble controls with 18db of boost or cut, so it's powerful - but they're centered at very musical frequencies, all useable... plus a passive tone control and they all work simultaneously."

Experienced Hands

Music has been my life and living as a multi-instrumentalist, educator, repairman & luthier. Years of experience taking electric bass to its outer limits has brought a deep understanding of the need for an instrument that allows the player to play unencumbered by its limitations.  
Philosophy I do my best to bring this experience to the builds in ways that best suit my client's needs. Form should follow the function; stability, tone and playability are crucial and those are designed and built into every instrument from the start. I endeavor to bring my best to everything I do.
Ordering Ordering is very easy; contact me and I'll answer any questions you may have, and we can work up a build for you. Price will include a professional gig bag and insured shipping (in the continental USA - AK, HI and international clients charged actual shipping cost). 50% up front gets us going, with the balance due just prior to shipping. A variety of payment types can be accepted.  
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